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Waukegan Zoning Ordinance - Updated 12/21/17
The Zoning Ordinance contains regulations and laws that define how property in districts can be used. The Zoning Ordinance also regulates the lot size, placement, bulk and the height of structures.

Waukegan Subdivision Ordinance
The Waukegan Subdivision Ordinance regulates and controls the division of land within the City of Waukegan. The Subdivision Ordinance provides regulations concerning the design, improvement, and survey data of subdivisions, and the procedure to be followed in securing the official approval of the City regarding all subdivisions. To accomplish this purpose, the regulations contained in the Subdivision Ordinance are determined to be necessary to preserve the public health, safety, and general welfare; to promote orderly growth and development and to promote open space, conservation, protection, and proper use of land; and to ensure provision for adequate traffic circulation, utilities, and other services in the City of Waukegan.

Tree Preservation & Landscape Ordinance
The purpose of the Waukegan Tree Preservation and Landscape Ordinance is to preserve trees on both public and private property and, in the event tree removal is necessary, to ensure that appropriate replacement trees are planted. The Ordinance is also intended to minimize erosion and stormwater runoff, provide buffers between neighboring properties, preserve historic streetscapes, minimize the visual and environmental impacts of paved surfaces and buildings, and ensure landscaping in conjunction with new development and redevelopment in a manner that preserves native vegetation. This Ordinance is intended to balance the property rights of individual property owners with the overall health, safety and welfare interests of the City of Waukegan.

Waukegan Sign Ordinance
The purpose of the Waukegan Sign Ordinance is to promote economic vitality, enhance the city's appearance, and encourage the effective use of signs in the city by maintaining minimum standards that limit the number, size, design and illumination of signs. The sign regulations are established to protect pedestrian and traffic safety by minimizing confusing and distracting signs and to provide clear identity and direction to major shopping centers and residential neighborhoods. They have also been established to enable the fair and consistent enforcement of the Sign Ordinance. Billboards are not regulated by the Sign Ordinance, but by the City Code. Please see the City Code for regulations for billboards.

Waukegan Historic Preservation Ordinance
Waukegan is committed to the preservation of its character and historic past. As part of this commitment, in December 2001, the City Council passed the Waukegan Historic Preservation Ordinance. The purpose of the Ordinance is to promote historic and architectural preservation in the city by protecting those historic structures, buildings, sites and areas deemed as being significant to the city's history, culture, and architecture. The Historic Preservation Ordinance governs the demolition and alteration of designated landmarks and of structures in designated historic districts. The Historic Preservation Ordinance also established the city's first Historic Preservation Commission. Among the Commission's charges are informing and educating city residents about the historic and architectural heritage of the city, and making recommendations to the City Council regarding the designation of landmarks and historic districts.

Waukegan Downtown Streetscape Standards
The Waukegan Lakefront-Downtown Master Plan, adopted in July of 2003, identified the need to establish a streetscape design system for the downtown and all traffic corridors to the downtown, including Grand Avenue, Washington Street, and Belvidere Road. In addition to achieving design consistency over time, it is anticipated that the public and private investment associated with streetscape improvements will help maintain the downtown as the heart of the community, and improve accessibility. Through the adoption and implementation of these standards, it is anticipated that both time and cost savings will be realized by both private and public sectors by having a single source document to guide future projects.

Waukegan Design Review Guides
Waukegan’s design review process strives to protect the city’s unique qualities and strong sense of place by carrying out citywide development and design objectives. The purpose of these Design Review Guide is to help applicants in preparing projects to be reviewed by the Development Review Board and the Waukegan Planning and Zoning Commission. Through materials such as this, the Department of Planning & Zoning seeks to make information available well before the final design of a project saving the applicant, and the city, time and money.